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January 02, 2008


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David Blyth

Joe Quesada officially began his descent into Bob Harris-level insanity with Cival War. I dont count anything, ANYTHING, under his reign as canon. This is Marvel, not Image comics.

Spider-Girl is the true canon, it emulates the family dynamic, moves all characters forward. Is the continuity shot to hell there too? Yes, but at least it's an HONEST one.

Everyone, EVERYONE, from the fans to the writers, are devastated. There not even plugging "Brand New Day" positivlet on the official Marvel.com website, there DREADING it. Quesada has to retcon this quickly, least his stubborness kill everything we hold sacred



Wow. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero; I'm disappointed to learn about this. And I felt the same as you about Alias--perplexed and highly disappointed. I think the people in control of these things like being in charge, even if it means leading no one nowhere.

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